Neuropsychological evaluations may be requested for a variety of reasons, but the two most common types are:

  • Diagnostic referrals to assist in determination of the cause of changes in cognition or behavior (e.g., memory decline, sudden changes in personality in the absence of a psychiatric diagnosis);
  • Referrals to determine the cognitive or functional impact of a known neurological or other medical condition like multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, tumors, strokes, movement disorders, brain injuries or concussion.

Results from a neuropsychological evaluation are typically available two weeks following the completion of an assessment and may be used to:

  • Assist with diagnostic interpretation (e.g., determine the presence of neurodegenerative process, distinguish between neurologic and psychiatric conditions);
  • Assist with treatment planning (e.g., neurosurgical planning including brain tumors, epilepsy, DBS)
  • Determine functional abilities in the context of decisions regarding independent living, vocational planning, or educational planning, and to provide recommendations for necessary accommodations in any of these settings;
  • Track the cognitive course of a condition or treatment through repeated evaluations.

How to Make Referrals

You may fax referrals to the attention of Susan Nelson, (501) 526-5296. Please include the patient’s information, the specific referral question, and any relevant medical records.

Scheduling or additional questions:
Susan Nelson
(501) 526-7527