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The UAMS Department of Psychiatry has three types of call: Trifecta-call (UAMS/VA/PRI), Short call, and Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) call.

Trifecta-call (UAMS/VA/PRI)

Trifecta call is in-house, pager call; and residents cover three hospitals-UAMS, VA and the PRI. Second year, third year, and fourth year residents cover the following shifts: are 4:30pm – 7am on Fridays, 7AM-7PM on Saturday, 7PM-7AM on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings, and 7AM-7PM on Sunday. Interns help share the call responsibilities on their short call rotation Friday night and from 9AM-9PM on Saturdays and Sundays. All other shifts are covered by the night float resident on their PGY II Night Float rotation. Night float shifts are from 7pm – 7am Sun – Thu.

Short call

Short call is in-house, pager call starting at 5:00 pm and ending at 9 pm on Mondays – Thursdays only. The call responsibilities are identical to the above Trifecta Call duties with the average number of calls ranging from 1-4. Interns are primarily responsible for covering short call. From 430PM-7PM, there is a fourth year resident available to provide back up and support. At 7pm, the night float resident is available for support. Consults that are unable to be completed during the short call shift are passed off to the night float resident; however, the short call resident is typically able to complete the consults that come in on their shift. All patients are checked out over the phone with attending physicians.

Arkansas Children’s Hospital call

Call at Arkansas Children’s Hospital is at-home, pager call for which residents receive extra pay. All residents, PGY II-IV and fellows, are eligible to take call at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, and they are assigned on a voluntary basis. This call is considered to be “internal moonlighting” and does not require a medical license or malpractice insurance.

Residents receive a base pay $50 on weekdays and $100 on weekends to carry the pager. Consults are placed primarily from the ER and from the floor. Residents are paid $125 per new consult. Occasionally, residents are asked to follow up on patients that have already been evaluated by the day consult team. Residents are paid $75 for each follow up. Consults take about an hour and are primarily safety assessments in the ER. Each consult is staffed over the phone with an attending physician.