There are numerous ways to give to the Psychiatric Research Institute.

Making a Donation

Your gift to the Psychiatric Research Institute helps to ensure excellence in clinical care, innovation in education and cutting-edge research.

Donations can be made online, by contacting Betty Tucker, Senior Director of Development at 501-526-8134 or or by sending a check to the Psychiatric Research Institute, 4301 W. Markham St., #554, Little Rock, AR 72205-1799.

Director’s Club

The Director’s Club is an annual giving society established to support and promote the Psychiatric Research Institute (PRI) mission of improving mental health for individuals in Arkansas and beyond through the integration of outstanding education, research, clinical care and service.

Membership dues are assessed annually and provide discretionary funds for the Director to use in RECRUITING, RETAINING and RE-ENERGIZING FACULTY. Having the financial flexibility to host recruitment events and programs at psychiatric conferences, provide special recognition to clinicians or make interim funding available for promising researchers is ESSENTIAL for attracting and retaining talented staff. Director’s Club dues provide the resources for these and other purposes which strengthen our programs.

Benefits of Membership
•    Be the first to know about new developments at PRI.
•    Twice a year you will be invited to attend a dinner and presentation on a topic of interest related to mental health.

Become a Member Today
Becoming a Director’s Club member is easy and your annual donation is 100% tax-deductible.

Membership levels include:
•    Member – $1,000
•    Corporate – $2,500
•    Benefactor – $5,000

To learn more about the Director’s Club and becoming a member, please contact Betty Tucker at 501-526-8134 or by email at or Cary Wilson at 501-526-8166 or by email at

Endowed Chairs

An endowed chair is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding. Endowment assets are invested. Each year, a portion of the value of the fund is paid out to support the fund’s purpose, and any earnings in excess of this distribution are used to build the fund’s market value. In this way, an endowment can grow and provide support for its designated purpose in perpetuity. An endowed chair is established with gifts of at least $1 million.

Currently, PRI is working towards raising funds for two endowed chairs: Personalized Medicine and Mood Disorders and Brain Imaging Research.

Personalized Medicine and Mood Disorders

A new era of heath care has begun – the era of Personalized Medicine. As scientists unlock the secrets of the human genome and make advances in the analysis and interpretation of genes, physicians no longer have to rely solely on the old “trial and error” approach to medical treatment.  Using genetic information, they are beginning to diagnose and customize care to fit the unique genetic makeup of each individual patient.  This ensures a more precise diagnosis and more accurately predicts which medical treatments will be safe and effective for the patient and which will not.

Personalized Medicine can be life changing for patients with mood disorders (e.g. depression and bipolar disorder). Examining specific genes related to drug response can impact dosing strategies by showing which patients metabolize medications more quickly than others. Genetic results also may point to patients more prone to side effects from certain medications.  For the past year physicians at the Psychiatric Research Institute have used genetic analysis to guide treatment for patients who have failed to improve despite multiple treatments with different types of anti-depressant medications. Using samples of DNA, obtained by a simple saliva test, doctors are able to determine why anti-depressant treatments failed and predict which anti-depressant treatments will be more likely to work in the future. The likelihood of successful treatment for mood disorders increases dramatically with this approach.

Brain Imaging Research

The human brain has been described as the “last frontier” of science.  It has been only in the last generation that we have developed the technologies necessary to study the structural and functional organization of the 100 billion neurons that form the human brain.  Brain imaging – the ability to eavesdrop on the brain at work and map the time and space of activity that encodes complex human behaviors, both conscious and unconscious – is a cornerstone technology. The most advanced current brain imaging technology is functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI. This technology is the heart of the Helen L Porter and James T. Dyke Brain Imaging Research Center (BIRC), a cutting edge neuroscience technology center born from the belief that the success of Psychiatry is dependent on the scientific explanation of its disorders.

A mere three years old, the BIRC broke ground with three initial strategic foci – addiction, trauma, and individual variation – and with the belief that mapping the variation in human brain function that underlies each focus holds the key to their solution. In this brief period the BIRC has already provided brain image-based  explanations as to why and how some persons develop illnesses such as depression and drug addiction as a consequence of childhood adversity, and why and how others do not. The BIRC is exploring ways brain therapies can enable recovery in persons with PTSD, and why a given patient may have a specific cognitive disability while others are spared. The reach of the BIRC has extended to the broad disorders of schizophrenia, suicide, tinnitus, Parkinson’s disease, obsessive compulsive disorder, and epilepsy. In this time the BIRC has also educated the next generation of investigators who will ultimately solve the centuries-old mysteries of psychiatric illness.

Planned Giving

You can assure your legacy lasts beyond your lifetime and you can help secure the long-term financial health of the Psychiatric Research Institute (PRI) through a planned gift.

Planned gifts are gifts that will benefit PRI in the future over a period of time. A planned gift helps a donor design a charitable gift plan that will benefit PRI and allow for the fulfillment of personal financial goals.

In addition to ensuring a bright future for PRI, a properly designed planned gift may:

A few examples of planned gifts include appreciated securities, a bequests and gifts of stock. Please know that there are many other ways to make a planned gift to PRI and we recommend scheduling a private consultation to discuss your options.

If you are considering a planned gift, we recommend you do so in consultation with your financial planner and/or legal counsel.