Center for Addiction Research

The Center for Addiction Research (CAR) is dedicated to improving prevention and treatment strategies for alcohol and substance use disorders through elucidating risk factors for developing substance use disorders, understanding underlying mechanisms mediating substance use and relapse, identifying prognosticators for treatment response, and being a catalyst for transdisciplinary approaches to studying these disorders. The etiology, expression, and consequences of substance use disorders are complex, impacting the health and wellbeing of not only the individual, but also family members, friends, employers, medical facilities, and legal systems. Thus, substance use-related issues require a multifaceted, translational, team science-based approach.

CAR’s aims are being accomplished through cutting-edge, clinical research, using pharmacological, behavioral and neurobiological tools and collaborations with multiple stakeholders, including those across UAMS and Arkansas Children’s Research Institute, Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare Administration, community providers and colleagues at other institutions.

Research Study to Improve Treatment Outcomes for Prescription Pain Killer Users

Our current research priorities include:

Some studies seek to recruit individuals with a history of addiction or drug abuse, whereas other studies are designed for individuals who do not use drugs. (If you are interested in participating in one of our research studies, please click on the link above for more information.) Previous studies have examined drugs and drug problems related to alcohol, marijuana/cannabis, nicotine/tobacco, opioids, stimulants, GHB, and sedative/hypnotics.