Psychiatrist, Mental Health Open Access Clinic, Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System
Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, College of Medicine, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Psychiatry Co-Director, MIRECC Fellowship, Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System


VA Phone: 501-257-1238
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Research Expertise

Dr. Mittal is a clinician and an investigator who is trained as a geriatric Psychiatrist. He has varied research interests. His early research interests included phenomenology and treatment of delirium and referral patterns of delirium to psychiatry. Later, he received a Research Career Development Award from the South Central VA Health Care Network. As part of the Center for Mental Healthcare and Outcomes Research at the Little Rock VA, he conducted research on psychosocial interventions in older patients with psychotic disorders to improve medication adherence and quality of life. Other recent research has focused on impact of comorbid anxiety on quality of life in depressed patients.

Research Interests: Improving Understanding of Research Informed Consent Issues in patients with Cognitive Impairment, medication adherence among older patients with schizophrenia

Recent Publications

Current publications (2009-2016)

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