QUERI-logoThe Mental Health Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (MH QUERI) (JoAnn Kirchner, MD, PI) is a national program to improve the quality of care for veterans with major depressive disorder or schizophrenia through the timely translation of research knowledge into clinical and organizational practice. MH QUERI is one of 10 disorder-specific QUERI centers in the nation devoted to the rapid uptake of research knowledge and implementation of best practices in the VA. MH QUERI develops and tests implementation strategies to assist health care settings in their delivery of best practices, and contributes to VA policy and practice decision-making at the regional and national levels concerning implementation and evaluation of best practices. MH QUERI has developed both clinical and implementation science goals, and is a leader in the nationwide QUERI effort. The MH QUERI Coordinating Center is located at the VA in North Little Rock, but the Executive Committee that directs MH QUERI activities consists of local and national experts in clinical practice, research, and implementation.

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