Medical Professionals

Listed below are links to web pages we think would be helpful to clinicians throughout Arkansas looking for solutions to problems related to young patients.

ARBEST – TF-CBT treatment in Arkansas for traumatized children and adolescents:


STRIVE – School-based, intensive outpatient therapy for students at high-risk for out-of-school/-home placement:


Child Study Center – Mental health and psychiatric assessment and evidence-based behavioral health treatment for children and adolescents ages birth through 17:


Learning modules for Arkansas’ primary care providers (pediatricians, family physicians, advanced practice nurses and physicians’ assistants), jointly designed to give you the essential support and training you need to be effective “first responders” for the children and adolescents in primary care practices who have mental health needs:


Child Diagnostic Unit (CDU): 28-day inpatient program for children ages 2-12, who have been unsuccessful in their outpatient mental health treatment which has created a question of diagnostic clarification:


Medicaid Preferred Drug List:


MH Treatment Providers & Primary Care Providers: Evidence-Based psychiatric treatment guidelines:


Arkansas Community Mental Health Center Directory: