Education For The Public

TPRI is committed to providing free educational resources on topics related to traumatic stress to the public.

Educational Resources Developed In Collaboration with TPRI

CPR for PTSD: How to Calm and Prevent Re-Alarm for Post Traumatic Stress Disorders

In this series, Dr. Sacha McBain provides information on trauma, trauma-related disorders, and skills to cope with traumatic stress symptoms based on the psychoeducational group created by TPRI Director, Dr. Betty Everett.

Get Mentally Health with Dr. Erick Messias

In this series, Dr. Erick Messias interviews mental health experts at UAMS about different ways of coping with COVID-19. In Episode 1, Dr. Sacha McBain discusses coping with stress related to COVID-19.

ISTSS Friday Fast Facts – Medical Trauma

Check out educational material created by Dr. Sacha McBain in collaboration with the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) about Medical Trauma. Resources include printable handouts for providers and patients and a podcast episode.

UAMS General Medical Education Rip It Snippet Series – Coping in the Time of COVID-19

In this short video, Dr. Sacha McBain provides tips for healthcare workers on how to support each other and promote mental health during COVID-19.

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