Couples Therapy

Dr. WakelfieldA couple’s relationship can have long term effects that last well beyond the relationship itself.   Intimate relationships can be the source of great joy and fulfillment; they can also be the source of enormous suffering. The negative impact of a dysfunctional relationship can affect generations that follow through divorce, estrangement, and mal-adaptive behavior. Divorce is one of the greatest threats to a person’s health and financial well-being. Finally, due to the expansion of social norms, lengthened life expectancy, and the many stressors of life in the 21st Century, Americans are less well prepared for long-term relationships than at any time in our history.

The intake appointment includes a detailed questionnaire completed by each partner which allows you to describe the issues you are facing at this time and is followed by a 1/ ½ hour appointment. In this first session, Dr. Wakefield will describe her approach to couples therapy, and outline a course of treatment that will address the goals and expressed desires of both people, even when those goals differ. Her work changes the ways in which couples view their interactions and interrupts strategies that have led to unresolvable conflicts and the swamplands of disillusionment. She moves people toward solutions that honor each person’s individual needs, while assisting them in defining their reason for being together, and understanding their unique ways of connecting. Couples vary in the number of follow up appointments but

Appointments can be made by calling The Couples Center at (501) 526-8288 or emailing

Since couples therapy is not based on treatment of a mental health disorder, these services are not reimbursable by insurance. Payment for services are expected at the time of service by check, credit card or cash.

Prices:    $375 intake (detailed questionnaire is reviewed by Dr. Wakefield prior to a 1 ½ hour appointment)

Follow up appointments are $200 an hour, and go up incrementally $40 for each additional 15 minutes. The time of the follow-ups depends on the progress being made with the majority lasting 75 or 90 minutes.