Seminars and Lectures

Advanced Seminars in Issues of Substance Abuse 1
This course covers the neurobiology, including neuro-circuitry and neuro-adaptation of drugs of abuse as well as epidemiology and genetic influences.  It will also cover the disease and behavioral models of addiction as well as prevention issues.

Advanced Seminars in Issues of Substance Abuse II
This course will discuss the key concepts of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the specific drugs of abuse including alcohol, sedative hypnotics, opioids, stimulants, PCP, inhalants, marijuana, steroids, and PCP and    nicotine.  The course will include the identification and management of overdose intoxication, and withdrawal symptoms.  Psychopharmacology of addiction will also be discussed.

Advanced Seminars in Issues of Substance abuse III
This course will discuss traditional approaches to the treatment of addictions.  It will include an overview of addiction treatment, the components of successful addiction treatment programs, and assessing treatment effectiveness.  It will also include 12 step programs, brief interventions, psychotherapy, and behavioral therapies.  Treatment in the criminal justice system and primary care will also be addressed.

Advanced Seminars in Issues of Substance abuse IV
This course will drug abuse patterns and treatment issues in specific populations including women, families, adolescents, the homeless, patients with chronic pain, dually diagnosed, different ethnic populations, and the elderly.  Relationships between substance abuse and HIV and other medical complications, sexuality, nutrition, and trauma will also be explored.  Discussions will include addiction in the workplace and workplace issues.

Advanced Seminars in issues of Substance abuse V
This course will discuss the drug abuse research issues including ethical aspect, research design and analysis issues pertaining to drug abuse research, drug abuse policy, theoretical perspectives on drug abuse

Journal Club – Drug Abuse Research
This course will provide an opportunity for participants to present their current research and to present and critically review recent articles on drug abuse.  Selected research and clinical topics dealing with drug addiction will be accompanied by discussion of the articles. Topics may range from basic neuroscience, epidemiological issues, political, and clinical issues.

Liaison Grand Rounds
This weekly seminar provides experts the opportunity to offer reviews in clinically focused areas pertinent to Consultation/Liaison.  Case materials are presents and discussed. 

Grand Rounds Psychiatry
This weekly Grand Round provides exposure to a wide variety of current issues in psychiatry.

Conferences and Meetings Pertaining to Substance Abuse  
Residents will be encouraged to avail themselves of opportunities to meet with substance abuse experts and peers in the field by attending one of the many conferences and professional meetings on substance abuse are held throughout the year in the United States.