Seminars and Case Conferences

Principles and Practice of Forensic Psychiatry
This is the central didactic for forensic residents. It is an in depth survey of forensic psychiatry and mental health law. It involves didactics in required topics. It is taught by core faculty members with selected lectures by other faculty based upon their expertise in a specific area.

Seminar in Law
This seminar involves study of the basics of substantive and procedural law as relates to forensic psychiatry. It includes study of federal and state courts, civil and criminal proceedings and the fundamentals of law, statutes and administrative regulations. It also includes an exploration of relevant Arkansas statutes.

Case Conference in Forensic Psychiatry
This conference consists of a presentation by a forensic resident followed by discussion by faculty and residents. Cases include difficult or interesting criminal and/or civil issues as related to practice at the Arkansas State Hospital.

Psychopharmacology Conference
This conference is led by faculty and senior residents who present in rotation and is a discussion of new issues in psychopharmacology. The forensic fellow is a presenter in rotation and presents on issues relevant to psychopharmacology and forensic psychiatry.

Landmark Case Conference
This lecture will discuss the importance of the judiciary and the role that landmark cases play in the practice of forensic psychiatry. This lecture will also teach the fellow how to read a landmark case and to address the significant issues of the case.

Case Colloquium
Biweekly discussion by interested forensic faculty and staff regarding contemporary cases and their effect on forensic psychiatry practice.