General Information
Senior residents have the opportunity to design their own program within the parameters of the available sites.  Each resident arranges with faculty members the areas on which he or she wants to focus and the amount of time spent in each area.  In addition, each resident spends one half day per week in psychotherapy and one hour per week in psychotherapy supervision.

Clinical Rotations
The rotations are highly variable.  Many of the fourth year residents enjoy rotating through an ECT elective; dialectical behavioral therapy groups; and the acting attending rotation at the PRI acute inpatient unit.  Other options for fourth year include a clinical and educational psychiatry elective (fourth year residents provide back-up and supervision for interns on short call), eating disorder clinic, child diagnostic unit, and student mental health. The above rotations are just a few of the many electives available. 

Every Thursday afternoon fourth year residents join the third year residents for two lecture sessions.  Topics include substance abuse, clinical neuroscience, PTSD, sexual dysfunction, gender disorders and practice issues.  Case conference subjects include forensics and short-term dynamic psychotherapy.

Fourth year residents are currently responsible for approximately 5 long calls a year with no holidays.

Senior Project
Every resident is required to complete a scholarly paper prior to graduating. The purpose of this requirement is to educate residents in critically reviewing the current psychiatric literature, as well as to offer residents the opportunity to submit papers for publication. We ask for scholarly literature reviews, reports of ongoing or completed research, or similar documents. Residents may substitute for the scholarly paper a publication which is accepted and presented at a national meeting. This may include a poster, paper, presentation or workshop.