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Tonisha AJPre- and Post-doctoral Positions

The faculty and staff of the Brain Imaging Research Center are committed to training the next generation of scientists and researchers. Positions are periodically available in the BIRC for both graduate and post-graduate trainees. While the BIRC specializes in functional neuroimaging, faculty members have various research interests aimed at understanding the complicated relationship between the brain and psychiatric disorders. For more information on faculty research, please see our Faculty page.

If you are interested in a trainee position with the BIRC, please contact Andrew James at 526-8345 or email

Resident Academic Track

Recent News: Congratulations to Drs. Veronica Raney (left) and Jessica Coker (right) for winning first and second place in the 2014 American Psychiatric Association’s Resident Poster Session. As members of the Resident Academic Track, Drs. Raney and Coker completed a two-month rotation through the Brain Imaging Research Center prior to joining the PRI Resident Research Track in years 3-4. The BIRC is proud to support their efforts.

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