Dr. James’ TEDx Talk

Dr. Andy James was invited to present at a local TEDx talk at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas in the Spring of 2011. The TEDx talk was titled “What Can Your Mind Do for You?” and was held in the Student Life and Technology Center at Hendrix.

Dr. James is exploring individual differences in cognition using fMRI. By developing a cognitive connectome, or a map of connections in the brain that are involved in cognition, James hopes to identify the cognitive differences between individuals to help understand cognition in both healthy and clinical populations.

T32 Trainees Discuss Internships with the BIRC

Over the summer of 2014, the Brain Imaging Research Center hosted two trainees from the T32 training grant. The trainees were able to partner with a BIRC faculty member to hone their research skills. Brad Martins and Anthony Privratsky, both medical students at UAMS, were recently interviewed to discuss their work with the BIRC over the summer. For more information on the T32 and possible training positions, check out the T32 website.

Tonisha Kearney-Ramos Highlights Her Research in the BIRC

Tonisha Kearney-Ramos, B.S., was interviewed recently about her research in working memory deficits in drug addiction. Tonisha is a Graduate Student with the BIRC currently pursuing her PhD. Her dissertation emphasizes the translational nature of biomedical research in the BIRC and at UAMS.


Dr. Kilts’ Arkansas Times Article

Dr. Kilts was interviewed by Mara Leveritt from the Arkansas Times on his research on the neural basis of human behavior and the need for neuroscience research to inform our clinical understanding of mental health disorders.

For a copy of his article: Kilts ARTimes Article

Dr. Kilts Discusses Using Functional MRI to Explore Mental Illness and Addiction

In advance of his investment as the Wilbur Mills Endowed Chair in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Dr. Kilts discussed how the BIRC utilize cutting edge technology to explore the real-world problems of mental illness and addiction.

To view the article, see the Arkansas Medical News Website.


Dr. James’ “Here’s To Your Health” Segment

Dr. James provided information on fMRI for the segment on Dr. T. Glen Pait’s public radio segment. The discussion includes information on how functional MRI works and it’s potential applications to medical care.