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Merideth Addicott, Ph.D.The Center for Addiction Research’s Addicott Lab is overseen by Dr. Merideth Addicott, Ph.D., (right).

The Addicott Lab is currently recruiting subjects for three research studies. Study visits will be in the Addicott Lab, located on the fourth floor of the Psychiatric Research Institute at UAMS.

Sedatives and Tobacco Use

We are recruiting adult cigarette smokers (aged 18-55) for a study on the effects of sedatives on smoking. You will be asked to not smoke two times for 10 hours each time and receive intravenous medication. This study does not provide treatment for smoking.
This study lasts about four weeks and includes:
• a three-hour screening session
• two two-and-a-half-hour study days
• one three-hour drug infusion day
• one half-hour follow-up visit

You will be compensated for the study visits.
IRB #229077

E-Cigarette Users (JUUL)

We are recruiting adult e-cigarette users (aged 21-35) for a study to measure nicotine levels in the body. You will be asked to vape a JUUL e-cigarette and provide two blood samples.
This study lasts 1 day and includes:
• a one-hour screening session and
• a two-hour study visit on the same day

You will be compensated for the study visit.
IRB #261689

To learn more and to find out if you are eligible to participate in any of the studies, please give us a call at (501)526-8462 or (501)231-0307 or contact us at or

Principal Investigator: Merideth Addicott, Ph.D.
Contact Person: Debbie Hodges

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