Carolyn J. Greene, Ph.D.



Associate Professor, Division of Health Services Research, Psychiatric Research Institute (PRI), UAMS
Clinical Psychologist, Walker Family Clinic, PRI, UAMS
National Manager for Mental Health Web Services, Department of Veterans Affairs, Central Office (VACO)


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Research Expertise

Dr. Carolyn Greene is a nationally recognized expert and innovator in the use of technology to increase access to high-quality mental healthcare. Dr. Greene currently serves as the National Manager of Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA’s) award-winning program of web-based self-help courses for our country’s 22 million veterans. In developing these resources, she transforms clinical psychotherapy protocols into publicly available, online educational programs. In her previous position at the National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Dr. Greene directed the first rigorous clinical trial establishing that telehealth is as clinically effective as traditional delivery of group psychotherapy and was on the team who produced VA’s first mental health mobile application, PTSD Coach, which has been downloaded by users in 89 countries. A licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Greene has expertise in delivering culturally competent evidence-based mental healthcare to underserved communities. Specializing in assessment and treatment of PTSD, she contributed to both VA’s Clinical Practice Guidelines and the seminal book The Handbook for PTSD.

Research Interests: PTSD, Technology Based interventions, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rural Health, Primary Care Mental Health Integration, Insomnia

Recent Publications

Current publications (2009-2016)

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