Weekend Intensive

IntensiveContact us if you are interested in working with Dr. Wakefield to arrange a Couples Intensive therapy session. Couples Intensives are custom designed to meet the needs of each couple and can involve:

  • A telephone pre-interview with each partner to determine if you are candidates for this experience.
  • In Person – Between 12 and 18 hours of intensive work with Dr. Wakefield at her UAMS office. This will take place in three-hour blocks of session work in the morning and afternoon of two or three days, usually a Saturday/Sunday (12 hours) or a Friday thru Sunday (18 hours).  Some weekday possibilities are available with three months advanced planning.
  • Follow up – One session via teleconference one month following the intensive. Another follow up teleconference six months later. Additional in-between sessions can be scheduled, if desired.

Cost of intensive itself varies from $4,500 to $6,000 depending on the number of hours and the needs of the couple.  Call us to inquire, (501) 526-8288.

Issues we can address:

  • “We Fight All the Time About Everything”
  • The Devitalized Relationship – “We have nothing in common. We’ve lost that loving feeling.  What are we doing together?”
  • Affairs and other betrayals
  • Sexual Difficulties – sexual desire issues, inability to communicate, questions about what is normal, sexual dysfunctions, changing or challenging sexual arousal templates, pornography issues, changes related to aging or illness; I also work with sexual enrichment for those who have a decent sex life that they are seeking to make great.
  • Family Issues – children, In-laws, parents, care-giving, step-family issues, ex-spouses.
  • Adjustment difficulties – Becoming Parents, Midlife Changes, Empty Nest, Retirement, Dealing with Serious Illness or Profound Loss.
  • Divorce Discernment
  • Pre-Marital exploration, negotiation, and discernment