Sex Therapy

Sex therapyWhat is it and how does it work?

Sex Therapy is a clothing-on talk therapy with an expert trained in human sexuality who understands the medical, interpersonal, and psychological factors that influence sexual functioning, sexual fulfillment and the experience of sexual pleasure. AASECT is the certifying body for sex therapists and Dr. Wakefield is the only AASECT certified sex therapist in Arkansas.

Dr. Wakefield provides a safe environment where clients can explore sexual difficulties, longings, desires, and values.  In her training and years of experience, she has worked with a wide variety of sexual dysfunctions, including loss of desire, arousal disorders, orgasmic difficulties, sexual pain issues, sexless marriages, unusual arousal templates, sexual trauma, compulsive sexual behaviors, and the necessary adjustments that come with chronic illness and the sexual changes we experience as we age.

Sexual enrichment is an area that people seek assistance with when they are not necessarily having functional problems, but have found that their sex lives have become stagnant, they have “lost that loving feeling” and drifted into a low-sex, no-sex relationship.

Sex education is a key component of sex therapy, as most of us receive such poor education about this important area of our lives. The most important aspect of sex therapy is the opportunity to ask questions, to normalize feelings, and to talk freely about concerns, particularly the common questions about what is “normal.”

Dr. Wakefield welcomes clients of all ages, sexual orientations and gender identities. She also provides a safe space in which you can address questions and concerns about pornography use, fetishes, unusual arousal templates, and questions about sexual orientation.

In the process of assessing your particular situation, Dr. Wakefield can help discern if the problem might have a medical basis that requires a referral to assess the medical dimensions underlying certain problems.  For example, many people are unaware that certain medications have significant sexual side effects that interfere with arousal and orgasm; or that erectile dysfunction is an early sign of cardio-vascular disease.

Sexual difficulties are common in long-term relationships and working in the intersection of the relationship and a couple’s sexuality can profoundly improve a couple’s relationship satisfaction. Sexual self-awareness and the ability to communicate are key factors in sexual satisfaction and Dr. Wakefield’s process helps people to:

  • Gain insight into who they are as sexual beings – beyond the performance based scripts we are encouraged to adopt in modern society. This might include defining yourself as a sexual being for the first time and differentiated yourself from the scripts you have been handed, or who your partner wants you to be.
  • Develop a sexual voice and the courage to self-reveal, exchange information, and listen compassionately to what your partner has to reveal without feeling pressured, shamed, or manipulated.
  • Opening up new possibilities through education and exploration, while working with fears, concerns and historical influences that stand in the way of embracing those new possibilities. Redefining what it means to be “sexual.”
  • Supporting a couple in become a “team” who works together to define and create a fulfilling sex life based on their health, values, individual sexualities, and the unique situations that affect two people’s intersecting lives.

All of this will greatly improve both the sexual and relationship satisfaction.

The American Academy of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists – AASECT

Dr. Wakefield is an AASECT certified sex therapist.  Becoming a certified sex therapist requires a clinical license, the completion of a rigorous set of educational requirements covering all aspects of human sexuality, plus fifty hours of sex therapy supervision.  AASECT certified sex therapists operate under a specific code of ethics. See code of ethics here.