Kristen M. Viverito, Psy. D.


Assistant Professor, PRI, College of Medicine, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Clinical Research Health Scientist, Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System Center for Mental Health Outcomes Research (CeMHOR)


VA Phone (501) 257-1699
VA email:

Research Expertise

Dr. Viverito is a clinical psychologist and clinical researcher at the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System. She completed her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the University of Indianapolis and her pre-doctoral internship at the VA Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System in 2010. She completed a clinical post-doctoral fellowship in Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery for Veterans with Serious Mental Illness at the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System (CAVHS) in 2011 and completed a two-year health services postdoctoral fellowship at CAVHS with the VA Center for Mental Health Outcomes Research (CeMHOR).

Research Interests: Psychiatric recovery and serious mental illness; the recovery model of care and health and wellness promotion

Recent Publications

Current publications (2009-2016)

  1. Viverito KM, Owen RR, Mittal D, Li C, Williams JS.  Management of new hyperglycemia in patients prescribed antipsychotics.  Psychiatric Services.  In Press
  2. Mittal D, Li C, Viverito K, Williams S, Landes RD, Thapa PB, Owen RR. Monitoring for metabolic side-effects among outpatients with dementia receiving antipsychotics. Psychiatric Services. In Press
  3. Klingaman, E. A., Viverito, K. M., Medoff, D. R., Hoffmann, R. M., & Goldberg, R. W. (2014). Strategies, Barriers, and Motivation for Weight Loss Among Veterans Living With Schizophrenia. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. Advance online publication.
  4. Viverito, KM, Cardin S, Johnson LA, & Owen RR. (2013). Lessons learned from two peer-led mutual support groups. International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, 63(4): 593-600.
  5. Owen RR, Drummond KL, Viverito KM, Marchant K, Pope SK, Smith JL, Landes RD. Monitoring and managing metabolic effects of antipsychotics: a cluster randomized trial of an intervention combining evidence-based quality improvement and external facilitation. Implementation Science, 8, 120.
  6. Mittal D, Li C, Williams S, Viverito K, & Owen RR. (2013). Monitoring veterans for metabolic side effects when prescribing antipsychotics. Psychiatric Services, 64(1), 28-35.
  7. Lysaker, P.H., Tsai J., Henninger L.L., Vohs J.L., & Viverito, K. (2010). Decrements in sustained attention across trials in a continuous performance test: Associations with social functioning, and coping in schizophrenia. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 198(2), 154-158.