Inpatient Units

The inpatient units of the Psychiatric Research Institute are located on the facility’s fifth and sixth floors. The two floors are dedicated exclusively to inpatient care with a total of 40 beds.

The child diagnostic unit,located on the fifth floor, offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment for children ages 2-12 with mental illnesses including pervasive developmental disabilities, psychosis, anxiety, and depression. The focus of the unit is on determining the correct diagnosis and providing patient-centric care with family involvement.

The women’s inpatient unit, 5 North, was created to meet the needs of patients with acute mental illness. The only one of its kind in the state, the 10-bed unit was developed to treat conditions such as severe depression and anxiety that have been triggered by events such as trauma, pregnancy and life transitions.

The adult unit on the sixth floor has a total of 20 beds and can accommodate patients with co-occurring primary diagnoses (such as depression and diabetes) or with a mental illness diagnosis and secondary medical issues (such as complications from a suicide attempt or dehydration secondary to an eating disorder). The primary goal of the adult unit is the evaluation and stabilization of patients with immediate and acute psychiatric needs such as anxiety, depression and psychosis.