AR BEST for Children

AR BEST logoAR BEST (Arkansas Building Effective Services for Trauma) is a program of the Psychiatric Research Institute designed to improve the quality, effectiveness, provision and availability of services for children who have experienced trauma. 

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In collaboration with a statewide network of partners, AR BEST:

  • Provides training in evidence-based care to mental health professionals, advocates, and other individuals working with children exposed to trauma;
  • Implements, monitors and provides training in a statewide screening protocol for use in all Child Safety Centers, community mental health centers and other mental health care settings;
  • Assesses, develops a treatment plan for and provides services to children at UAMS who have experienced trauma, including sexual or physical abuse, domestic violence and other major stressful life events;
  • Manages a statewide communication system for ongoing training, supervision and consultation to mental health professionals and provides education and information to children exposed to trauma and their families.