Physicians wanting to refer a patient to the Psychiatric Research Institute can do so through the online appointment request.

To refer patients with treatment-resistant depression:

For information on PRI’s Interventional Psychiatry program, click here.

For electroconvulsive therapy, call (501) 526-8603.

For transcranial magnetic stimulation, call (501) 526-8267.

For inpatient care, call (501) 686-6080.

Referrals for Long Term Difficulties:

Students suffering from major mental illnesses and/or severe substance addiction requiring inpatient hospitalization and/or intensive long term care will be referred to a community mental health center, the UAMS Psychiatric Clinic, or to appropriate resources in the community. The cost for this level of care is the responsibility of the student (it is important to maintain health insurance coverage without lapse through school).

Referrals for ADHD testing:

Dr. Elizabeth Speck-Kern
3 Inwood Circle
Suite 111
Little Rock, AR 72207

Dr. Ann Prather
3 Inwood Circle
Suite 109
Little Rock, AR 72211

Dr. Kenneth Counts
11219 Financial Centre Parkway
Suite 316
Little Rock, AR 72211