CHSR Faculty and Staff

The Center for Health Services Research comprises faculty members from many different disciplines including psychiatry, psychology, counseling, pharmacy, nursing, sociology, geography, epidemiology, and bio-statistics. Many CHSR clinician-researchers choose to maintain active practices in order to better inform their research, and to translate research findings into practice. In general, faculty have minimal teaching responsibilities, though considerable effort is devoted to mentoring residents, fellows, and junior faculty. CHSR staff are experienced and devoted professionals, although there are occasional research positions available for students.

Teresa Hudson, Pharm.D., Ph.D.

Traci Abraham, Ph.D.
Mary Bollinger, Ph.D.
Michael Cucciare, Ph.D.
Geoffrey M. Curran, Ph.D.
Karen Drummond, Ph.D.
Ellen Fischer, Ph.D.
Carolyn Greene, Ph.D.
Brandon Griffin, Ph.D.
Corey Hayes, Pharm.D., Ph.D., MPH
JoAnn Kirchner, M.D.
Teresa Kramer, Ph.D.
Sara J. Landes, Ph.D.
Christopher Long, Ph.D.
Richard R. Owen, M.D.
Prasad R. Padala, M.D., MS, FACHE
Jacob Painter, Pharm.D, Ph.D.
Joy Reeves Pemberton, Ph.D.
Jeffrey M. Pyne, M.D.
Kristen M. Viverito, Psy.D.
Angie Waliski, Ph.D., LPC, NCC
Michael Wilson, M.D., Ph.D., FAAEM FACEP
Eva Woodward, Ph.D.
Melissa J. Zielinski, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Site leader: Michael Cucciare, Ph.D.