Mary J. Bollinger, MPH, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor, Division of Health Services Research, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AR


UAMS Phone number: (501) 526-8128
VA Phone number: (501) 257-1937
UAMS e-mail:
VA e-mail:

Research Expertise:

Dr. Bollinger has expertise in health services research using geographic and spatial models. Dr. Bollinger has integrated population demography and health services research using spatial statistical models and GIS to explicate the role of place based variables in the patterns of PTSD care utilization, community care, trajectories of comorbidities among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans (IAV), long-term outcomes for IAV with vascular injuries, as well as providing demographic expertise on a national needs assessment of rural veterans.

Research Interests: OEF/OIF veterans, rural health, mental health, non-pharmacological pain treatment, implementation of the Affordable Care Act, quantitative methods