Puru Thapa, M.D., M.P.H.


Associate Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Epidemiology
Section Chief, Training director of the Teaching Unit and Staff Psychiatrist, Arkansas State Hospital
Assistant Director of Research, Arkansas Mental Health Research and Training Institute


Phone: (501) 686-9000
State Hospital e-mail: Purushottam.Thapa@arkansas.gov
University e-mail: ThapaPurushottamB@uams.edu

Research Expertise

Dr. Thapa is an experienced pharmacoepidemiologist with extensive experience conducting large epidemiologic studies. Much of his current research has focused in improving care for individuals with mental illness in the public mental health sector, including improving medication management for those with serious mental illness and integrating care for those with co-occurring disorders. He has set up a monitoring system for metabolic side effects of antipsychotics for all patients at the Arkansas State Hospital with future plans to extend this to other public sector mental health entities.

Research Interests:

Psychopharmacoepidemiology, improving quality of care for individuals with SMI

Recent Publications

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